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About Us

Inspiring better outcomes for our planet through science education
BIOZONE has more than 30 years experience in the development of engaging and effective resources for science teaching and learning. Our resources are unlike any you’ve seen before, and a departure from the traditional basal textbook paradigm. We take a “worktext” approach, combining the very best features of a traditional textbook with an interactive workbook. The resulting hybrid provides well designed, compact lessons that engage students and provide a rigorous yet accessible program of work.
Our extraordinary suite of resources meet the challenges of teaching today’s students, whether they be in a traditional classroom environment, an informal teaching setting or learning remotely.
BIOZONE is renowned for its engaging presentation of content with a strong visual appeal.
Our expert writers bring science to life through the use of phenomena from engagement to assessment. We continually revise and improve on our resources to ensure they remain current and relevant to your needs. Part of this process is engaging with you, as teachers and valuing your feedback, and we are only ever a phone call or email away.
By their innovative design, our resources encourage student interaction, using simple investigations and data analysis to engage students in the science around them. Innovative strategies to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving help your students develop the 21st-century skills they need to succeed.