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Published: Monday, May 14, 2018

Biozone Student Workbooks case study from The Thomas Hardye school

Read how using the BIOZONE AQA Biology Student Workbooks helped one school improve their students’ AS results by a grade:


‘A quite stunning result.’

Simon Lewis

Biology teacher and Study Co-ordinator, The Thomas Hardye School

The Thomas Hardye School in Dorset contacted us last year as they wanted to trial the impact of using the BIOZONE Student Workbooks on a sample of their students, with a view to rolling out the books to all those taking A-Level Biology if the results were positive.
A year on, Simon Lewis reports: ‘The startling impact in the students given the BIOZONE book can be clearly seen in the results we tracked.’
Read on to find out more …

How did you set up the trial?

We trialled the books with one of our six Biology groups. Each student was given a copy of the BIOZONE AQA Biology Student Workbook 1.
Throughout the year, students were set pages to complete from the book and then fed back their answers in class with teachers correcting

What criteria did you use to judge the impact?

We calculated the Alps scores for each individual group and then compared them to measure effect size.
These scores are how each department in the school is judged. They give an estimation of student progress, accounting for their different starting point. It is not a linear scale and also factors in the grades from all the other schools in the country that sat AS Biology in the year 2017.
A further point is 0.2 of an Alps score equals one A-Level grade.

What were your findings? 

The startling impact in the students given the BIOZONE workbook can be seen below:
12A1 were the group given the book. You can see from the data that expectations were weaker (544) for this group, because of their GCSE results, compared to the group (823) which they had been split from. This was deliberate as we wanted to trial the book with middle ability students.
The progress (Alps 1) of the students given the book was in the top 1% of students given their start points anywhere in the country. This compares with an Alps score of 5 for Biology at Thomas Hardye School as a whole.
The Thomas Hardye School were so pleased with these results that they are now asking all students studying Biology across Year 12 and Year 13 to buy the BIOZONE AQA workbooks and are using them in class in the same format as the trial group.