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Published: Thursday, July 19, 2018

There’s no other resource like it at KS5!

Dr Georgina Scott-Smith tells us how her school are using the BIOZONE workbooks.

About your school

I am the Head of Biology and SLE for Science at St Paul’s Catholic College in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. We are an 11-18 mixed Catholic comprehensive school with approximately 1,100 students on roll including 350 students in the Sixth Form.

At Key Stage 5, our students mainly study A-Levels, but some do BTEC courses. External students join for Sixth Form, and we are generally high achieving across Key Stage 4 and 5.

Why did you choose the BIOZONE resources?

The BIOZONE workbooks are amazing – they offer a full guide for each year with questions to help assess learning, information to support progress and overviews to help structure revision.

The workbooks are easy to use for the students and easy to mark for the staff.

The Teacher’s Digital Editions are really helpful and definitely a must for classroom use, extending the potential enormously.

There’s no other resource like it at KS5. My Chemistry and Physics counterparts are very envious!

How are you using the BIOZONE workbooks and what benefits do they offer?

Each student purchases their own copy – we then set work from them for homework, brief in-class tasks and intervention tasks for those in concern groups.

There are short sharp tasks on each topic, which are not unmanageable to complete overnight for example.

They are well presented and easy to navigate.

The answers are not in the book, so the student cannot look up the answers.

Would you recommend the BIOZONE workbooks to other schools?

Yes, definitely.

They have improved the consistency across the department and given excellent support to my less experienced teachers at A-Level.

Students have a clear picture of the amount of content to learn and they have a resource that is complete and their responsibility.

They are easy to mark and track, with lots of practical application and data questions to reflect the style of the exam.