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Published: Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mock exam top tips - using spider diagrams

John Blair, Head of Biology at The Manchester Grammar School tells us how he uses spider diagrams in revision sessions:
During our sixth form revision sessions, I will often work through a spider diagram. I have attached part of a Power Point to assist with this but it can be done on the board and/or on pieces of paper.


The idea is to choose a particular topic, in this case proteins, for the students to list as individuals anything they can about the chosen topic.


Slide 2 could be used to display this material but it is not, of course, exhaustive.


In pairs students could work together using one of the topic bubbles from slide two to extend their knowledge and understanding of that topic e.g. Proteins as biological molecules – slide 3.


When the pairs have reported back other individuals in the group can give any further input to form a more extensive list – slide 4.


At any point any of the students can be questioned with regard to their knowledge, understanding and application about any specific area mentioned.


The material can be consolidated with a homework activity in which the students assess themselves in terms of the learning outcomes for the particular areas. E.g Explain why pH affects the rate of an enzyme controlled reaction.



Download the Powerpoint