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Published: Monday, December 14, 2020

🤔 Is home-based teaching still causing you problems?

Remote Learning Solutions
Dear Educator

BIOZONE understands how hard it has been for you and your students to teach and learn remotely. 

Poor access to broadband, extra support and learners being left behind are some of the current concerns of remote teaching. 

We want to show you how BIOZONE can help. 
Problem 1:
Poor internet access

Students write their answers directly into the spaces provided in their BIOZONE print book - forming an important “Record of Work”. If the teacher wants to grade or review student work remotely, students may be asked to write their answers into the school's own LMS. A great solution for no or limited broadband access. 
Problem 2:
Extra Support

eBooks provide the same content as the print books, with ready-made lessons in two digital formats. The text-to-translation* and text-to-speech functionality assist teachers who have ELL students or students with a learning disability. 

Problem 3:
Learners being left behind


In a virtual classroom, it's difficult to monitor students who need extra support. Use a combination of both print and digital versions of the same BIOZONE book to provide your students with a rich and varied learning experience. 

If you have any questions, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team

Kind regards

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