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Published: Sunday, March 20, 2022

✔️ 4 Ways to Access Model Answers

Accessing Model Answers for BIOZONE worktexts
now easier than ever

BIOZONE's worktexts combine the very best features of a traditional textbook with an interactive workbook. The resulting hybrid provides well designed, compact lessons that engage students and provide a rigorous yet accessible program of work.

Model Answers provide suggested answers to all the activities in the worktext and where appropriate extra explanatory detail is provided.

Below is a snapshot of the various forms we can deliver Model Answers to suit your teaching needs.  
Online Model Answers

FREE access to purchasers of class sets of our titles (not available individually). Accessible via a unique school login, teachers will be able to control how much and when students can view individual answers, ideal for supporting homework, revision and work on deeper understanding.

eBook LITE  

Model Answers have been added to the end of our eBook LITE titles* to make it even easier for students to complete self-revision and for teachers to refer to for their lesson planning.

*Applicable only to UK (Edexcel, AQA, OCR) titles 

Model Answers (print book) 

Each model answer booklet provides suggested answers to all the activities in the workbook. 

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Digital Teacher's Edition 

The Digital Teacher's Edition includes a full non-printable PDF version of the workbook. Suggested model answers are included on each page in an interactive HIDE/SHOW format, making it suitable for use with an interactive whiteboard.

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