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AP Biology 1

Student Workbook

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Format Paperback
Colour Two-color (black & blue)
Size A4
ISBN 978-1-927173-11-4
Edition 1st
Page Numbers 386
Suitability Content and learning objectives address the NEW Advanced Placement Biology Curriculum Framework

Product Description


Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • The Biochemistry of Life
  • The Internal Structure of Cells
  • Cell Membranes & Transport
  • Cellular Communication
  • DNA and RNA
  • Chromosomes and Cell Division
  • Regulation of Gene Expression 
  • Sources of Variation
  • Genetic Change in Populations
  • Evidence for Biological Evolution
  • The Relatedness of Organisms
  • Speciation & Extinction
  • The Origin of Living Systems

AP Biology 1 student workbook and its companion title AP Biology 2 together address the New Advanced Placement Biology Curriculum Framework. They provide an excellent resource for classroom activities, homework, extension and exam revision.


Workbook Structure

The four big ideas form the thematic framework for the structure of AP Biology 1 and its companion title AP Biology 2.

Each chapter addresses specific enduring understandings through a series of engaging activities written specifically to address the content of the new AP Biology Curriculum Framework.

The workbook's emphasis throughout is on inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving.




Product Features

  • Write-On Activities

    A wide variety of over 250 engaging activities facilitate effective differential instruction. Introduce, consolidate, extend, and test using the same workbook.

  • Concept Maps

    Concept maps introduce each of three main divisions of the workbook, integrating content across chapters to encourage linking of ideas and application of prior knowledge to new understandings.

  • End of chapter literacy activities

    Student understanding of terms related to essential knowledge is consolidated through a variety of literacy activities. They present a perfect synoptic self-test for students.

  • Weblinks

    These support activities where relevant and appropriate to extend learning beyond the workbook and to assist students in visualizing complex processes.

  • Links and support

    BIOZONE's unique tab system identifies connections to related activities elsewhere in the workbook and provides web-based support and recommended reading to consolidate and extend learning.

  • Diagrams, illustrations and photographs

    Clear, uncomplicated diagrams, illustrations, and photographs support and reinforce the text.

  • Essential Knowledge and Key Concepts

    Each chapter is prefaced by a one-page synopsis of essential knowledge and key terms, providing students with concise learning objectives for each enduring understanding. The key concepts for the chapter are summarized in an itemized list, providing a focus for the essential knowledge requirements of learners.

  • Practical Skills and Mathematical Requirements

    These components of the curriculum are addressed in two complementary ways. Activities involving data handling and interpretation are integrated throughout the workbook, providing real-world scenarios in context. A comprehensive concluding chapter supports these, covering basic planning, computational, and graphing skills to be used in skill development and consolidation, and as a reference.