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Skills in Biology (UK Edition)

Modular Workbook

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This new edition of Skills in Biology (UK Edition) provides a suite of meticulously organized and engaging activities aimed at developing the skills essential to all biology students. Comprehensive guidelines and a wide variety of examples help students to develop confidence in planning and executing investigations, analysing biological data and evaluating results. Covering both laboratory and field based studies, it is applicable across all disciplines of biology and invaluable as a resource to nurture critical thinking and encourage independence and self motivation.

Format Paperback
Colour Monochrome (black & white)
Size A4
ISBN 978-1-877329-71-5
Edition 2nd
Page Numbers 124
Suitability GCSE/A Level life sciences, biology, human biology.
Skills in Biology
Not written for a specific syllabus but very useful KS3 - KS5 teaching investigative techniques. Environmental sampling, classification, and cell biology are key topics in  KS 3 and 4. Exercises and drawings are detailed and well set out. Biological drawing - key part of CIE IGCSE Biology.  KS5 - Biological statistics - well explained with examples.  I will be using this as a personal reference text. Recommend purchase for A Level.
Dr Jan Walker
Head of Biology
English International College

From: Admin User | Created on2/11/2016 4:08 PM

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Skills in Biology
* Particularly useful when preparing the students for their fieldwork, and then how they should write up their findings.
* The statistics are very clear and well laid out.
* Clear diagrams and explanations of difficult techniques such as DNA analysis.

Marian Mudie
Teacher of Biology
Prior Park College

From: Admin User | Created on4/1/2016 2:14 PM

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