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Biology for NGSS (2nd Edition)

Classroom Guide

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Suitability NGSS life science (grade 9-12); General biology (grade 9-12) in USA
Edition 2016 (2nd)
Format PDF Download
Page Numbers 38
Size 210 x 297 mm

Product Description

The Biology for NGSS Classroom Guide is a teaching resource designed to assist in best use of Biology for NGSS and its features.

The pedagogical strategies we provide will help teachers to use the workbook to best effect, including in a differentiated classroom, for home use, for testing and revision, and to support the development of student skills in mathematics and computational thinking. The guide provides explanatory detail and content support for all student Core Ideas for each chapter. All Crosscutting Concepts are clearly identified for each DCI, including those applicable to the PS and ESS strands of NGSS and to Engineering Technology Solutions (ETS).