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As you can imagine we‘ve have been inundated with requests concerning distance learning options. We will endeavour to respond to any requests within 48 hours.

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Help your students get the best prices on their BIOZONE A-Level workbooks

This term, we're delighted to be launching our brand new STUDENT BUY programme.

This innovative scheme will allow you to pass on your BIOZONE school discount to all your students - and allow them (or their parents) to purchase via your own secure Student Buy school portal.

  • Students save 35% on the usual single copy price
  • AQA, OCR or Edexcel BIOZONE Workbooks just £10.99 each
  • Easy school set up and free shipping
  • Secure student payment via Paypal
  • Template parent letters to get started quickly

We know how tight everyone's budgets are these days, so have set up this new scheme to make it easy for your students to purchase at the best possible price.

If you'd like to speak to our friendly customer services team to discuss this further then do call us on 01746 250006 or email our sales team

"Students were keen to buy the books, especially when they realised the school wasn’t making a profit from it and they were getting a useful resource! The process worked well and everyone used the system without any issues."

Judy Vatcher, Head of Biology at City of London Freemen's School