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BIOZONE Academy (Online Course)

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Courses available
  • Biology for NGSS
  • Earth and Space Sciences for NGSS
  • AP Biology 1 (In development)
  • AP Biology 2 (In development)
All BIOZONE courses
Layout Adaptive (can be used on any sized screen, although the experience would be better for tablet-sized devices and up) Fixed layout (more suitable for tablet-sized devices and up), i.e. perfect replica of the printed books
Integration with Learning Management System Solid integration of student grade results into an LMS Partial integration of student grade results into an LMS - manual process required (i.e. export a csv file into the LMS)
Roster Management
(i.e. class creation and uploading of students)
Manual process through BIOZONE (schools have to provide list of students to BIOZONE) Automated through integration with Clever and One Roster.

Manual process through a csv upload is also available (school-driven as opposed to being through BIOZONE)
Single sign on Not available Single sign on available - Compatible with Clever, Google Classrooms and One Roster
Access Internet access required at all times. Internet access required at all times for web browser version. iPad app version allows for titles to be downloaded and accessed offline.
Homework assignment Available Available
Teacher-created quizzes Not available Available
(i.e. 3D models, website links, simulations, video clips, additional images, sound clips)
Embedded (online connection required) Available as links to external resources (online connection required)
Student-created notes Available Available
Markup and drawing tools Not available Dictionary lookup, Google search, Wikipedia lookup, highlighting text.

Ability to draw over a diagram.

Markup and drawing are private and can only be seen by the user who created the markup/drawing.
Translation Not available Not available
Price Equivalent to the discount price for the corresponding print books. Equivalent to the discount price for the corresponding print books.

Bundle (print + e-book): price of the print book + 50% of the price of the e-book.
Minimum Order Only sold as class sets
(the license must be purchased for a minimum of 20-30 student users depending on series)
Trial Available:
How to order Cannot be ordered through website.
Please contact our sales team directly at
(Via purchase order or credit card processed manually)